A Secret Weapon For scientology beliefs on birth

I often see feedback less than articles about Scientology stating that they really aren't any unique than every other religion.

Now, set aside whether this helps make any feeling or not — the clear assertion is the fact Christianity derives from an implant and “there was no Christ.”

In the event the tech truly labored, you couldn’t keep the masses of people absent, Orgs would honestly be booming (not the bullshit Perfect Orgs that remain empty).

Consider that. Looking across the ranch to discover Ron’s BTs. Only an indoctrinated, perfectly researched, well demoed pupil of Ron’s could take into account this sanity, or the wishes of a wiseman.

The one ‘cognition’ I desired in Scientology was realizing that The full subject matter was very little in excess of a mental construct of L.

Wow! Plainly no-a single is checking for or mentioning god in recent times. What a disgrace. I’m shocked that folks don’t obtain a bible or go to bible classes to further improve themselves, Primarily as quite a few ended up raised within the church, what was they accomplishing there all People many years if they didn’t realise when periods were being tough they could switch to god.

viewing a crucified male has an immediate sensation of sympathy for this person. For that reason you can get a lot of PCs who say they are Christ. Now There are 2 causes for that. Just one will be the Roman Empire was prone scientology beliefs xenu to crucify folks. So an individual can have been crucified. But in R6 He's revealed as crucified.

Thank you, Mike Rinder, for unraveling more the mysteries and inconsistencies of scientology. Sometime after I left the so-called “church” of scientology, I begun looking through the OT supplies as contained from the Tech Volumes.

But there are a few very distinct distinctions that place Scientology on an entirely distinct airplane, which you have aptly called out.

Mike, we just want in order to believe in what we wish to believe. Is there scientology beliefs abortion a thing wrong with that?

To get a couple superior weeks there, the religion was just getting a lot of shade. But in the entire process of performing some exploration on it, I discovered a large number of distinguished black celebs are members or have taken courses to get them by way of hard instances. Listed here are just a few…

I applaud and thank you for using this type of courageous stand. We should always place up a billboard or anything, ya know?

The web resources and managing Pet push are absolutely nothing but mouthpieces for those who would continue to keep male enslaved with drugs and lies. Glimpse behind each and every mass murderer and you will see the psych and their drugs, shock and invalidation. Mr. Hubbard died of scientology beliefs clear natural brings about and per the coroner’s report and his medical doctor was briefly given a gentle sort of Vistaril to treat the effects with the stroke. This has long been distorted in a lie. Request your pharmacist about Vistaril and they will clarify. But really, like every single genius, prophet and charismatic leader on this planet, he was just way just before his time and criticized for Talking out in opposition to the status quo.

It’s hilarious to me the number of Christians and Muslims who criticize Scientology as crazy bullisht. It is actually crazy bullisht, but Examine you. The major religions of your world aren’t Significantly saner, and haven’t completed the masses significantly better. SMH.

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